r5d5f 3b5rz 997t4 e754e byy38 k63f4 52y7r 5ztza eyaab 4f9y8 e2t3k sbeei 898s7 nit77 taryb tkht7 f2t4n 7fran 48k2r hb349 yi9a6 2022 WSOP Online Circuit Event 9: $100k GTD NLH SUPER High Roller | 2021-22 WSOP Circuit Event (Dallas/Oklahoma) Tournament ...

2022 WSOP Online Circuit Event 9: $100k GTD NLH SUPER High Roller

Welcome to PokerNews, the World's No.1 Poker information source. Live reporting, online poker room reviews, strategy tutorials, freerolls and bonuses. Auf PokerStars gab es am Neujahrstag nur vier Turniere im High Roller Club bei denen Preisgelder von $120.890 ausgespielt wurden. Außerdem standen am Tag 8 der Winter Series 14 Events auf dem Programm.. Bei den vier Events im High Roller Club ging die DACH-Gemeinde komplett leer aus. Dafür gab es aber bei der Winter Series Grund zum Jubeln. Complete schedule and details for 2021-22 WSOP Circuit Event (North Carolina-Fall) at Harrah's Cherokee in Cherokee, NC, including registration times, buy-ins, blind structures, starting chips, prize pool guarantees and game information. Date Event Place Prize (USD) August 29, 2021: SHRB Europe Event #7: $100,000 Short Deck Hold’em: 1st: $1,196,000: October 16, 2019: WSOPE Event 4: WSOP €250,000 No Limit Hold'em - Super High ... Ab kommender Woche sind bei GGPoker die High Roller los! Insgesamt $40.000.000 garantiert die Pokerplattform während der Super MILLION$ Week.Die Buy-Ins liegen zwischen $525 und $25.500 – zahlreiche Satellites bieten die Möglichkeit günstiger in die Events zu kommen.Los geht es am 23. Januar mit dem Kick-Off Event $1,5 Mio. GTD und $525 Buy-In. Complete schedule and details for 2021-22 WSOP Circuit Event (Dallas/Oklahoma) at Choctaw Durant in Durant, OK, including registration times, buy-ins, blind structures, starting chips, prize pool guarantees and game information.

2022.01.28 05:18 PokerBratNews 2022 WSOP Online Circuit Event 9: $100k GTD NLH SUPER High Roller

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2022.01.28 05:18 yournftmaker First come first and then the benefits

There's a new kid in town (gnarkeesociety) launching on polygon,I got a sneak peek on there map or goals ,they are launching a game,merch and some other more ,the game allows people to compete to win prizes ,can't wait to jump right into it,I'm waiting for the discord and there web,what do you think about this guy's?
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2022.01.28 05:18 Minute-Stand1985 ‼️FREE 1x Mini Ape 🦧 NFT + 5x WL Spots 💵 UPVOTE ⬆️ + drop your address 🔥Check comments section 👇

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2022.01.28 05:18 SnooTigers3035 Jordan bocanegra ?

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2022.01.28 05:18 CaptainAwesome93 Looking for a blooper with Mike and a busboy doing a handclap game

I've been watching the last few seasons of Suits and just remembered this blooper of Mike and a busboy meeting up and they do a handclap game where Mike asks a favor and the busboy rejects him. Anyone have any idea where I could find it? Thanks.
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2022.01.28 05:18 Hzuhairy I Have A Dream

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2022.01.28 05:18 fennecprime fennec prime

Fennec Prime launched as a fixed set of 50 items in mid-2020 and became one of the inspirations for the ERC-721 standard. They have been featured in places like The New York Times, Christie’s of London, Art|Basel Miami, and The PBS NewsHour.
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2022.01.28 05:18 Bananabread3472 Hey

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2022.01.28 05:18 Myceliummadness1990 My foster doggy sleeping like a baby angel <3

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2022.01.28 05:18 LeafeonPrime Searching for a grinder and kettle

Hey there, I'm currently making coffee at home using a Bodum pour-over brewer and I'm looking into buying a better grinder and a gooseneck kettle. Currently I use a Capresso blade grinder (it lives up to the name, you literally press the cap on this one) and I heat the water by microwaving it for about 8 minutes in a big Anchor hocking measuring cup to get it to boiling. I'm sort of new to this and any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.28 05:18 calsutmoran Engine braking without full battery

I was coming down a big mountain pass the other day, and I felt the engine braking kick in near the beginning of the descent. I saw the battery was only half charged. I got all the way down without charging the battery. It charged itself up later just from normal driving.
Are there conditions where the engine braking will activate when the battery isn’t fully charged?
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2022.01.28 05:18 Krppehk Tim Hortons selling what now

So we had a customer come in today asking if Tim Hortons sells women. My initial response was an automatic ‘no. we only sell coffee, baked goods, sandwiches…’ I don’t often come by with questions like this and it took a while to finally register in my sleep deprived brain. I was too baffled. I’m not even sure if that’s the right verb to use here. Ok yeah so the guy ordered his coffee and said our other store told him that tims sells women. Still confused, I proceeded to say ‘no. that’s illegal. that’s human trafficking’ in which he agreed BUT kept repeating the question as I made his drink. It didn’t even look like he was joking. Idk what that was all about but it was absolutely very weird
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2022.01.28 05:18 The_Alien_Baby Finishing Ingame Ordeals Part 1: Amber Noon, Violet Dusk, and Crimson Midnight!

The Noon of Amber
"We ate and ate, but we were never satisfied."
- Event Starting
The Ordeal of Amber Noon, also known as Ravenous Famine, requires observational skill and the ability to take advantage of Abnormalities' movement.
When the event starts, a large, very long worm covered in orange tumours and interlocking brown scales will spawn, along with a large orange bulb in a random location (main rooms included). The worm has 1000 HP, and the bulbs are invincible. The worm will move directly towards the bulb at a moderate speed, dealing high (30-40) Red Damage to any employees its head comes into contact with.
The worm ignores hallways, walls, and conventional laws of physics (similar to The Train), and its trailing body can be attacked in hallways and rooms. When it reaches the bulb, it will stop moving and begin consuming it over the course of 20 seconds. Once it finishes, it will heal 15% of its max HP, the bulb will explode, dealing heavy (50-60) Red Damage to any employees in the room with it, and another bulb will spawn a significant distance from the worm.
The worm has the following defences:
Red: Weak (1.5) | White: Normal (1.0) | Black: Endured (0.7) | Pale: Vulnerable (2.0)
This process repeats until the worm is dead, upon which the remaining bulb will explode, the following message will appear, and the event will end.
"Inevitably, the food ran out. So we turned to each other, and finally tasted something new."

The Dusk of Violet
"From beyond the veil, they watched us. Staring. Searching. Waiting."
- Event Starting
The Ordeal of Violet Dusk, also known as The Long Silence, requires quick reactions and careful employee management to avoid excessive death.
When the event starts, 5-6 floating purple orbs covered in mouths of varying sizes will manifest in random locations before they wrap themselves in dark purple tentacles and go completely invisible; each has 600 HP. At the same time, a small purple symbol will appear above the head of one employee for each entity, preventing them from leaving the department they are currently in. The employee will be pursued by the entity until it is in the same room as them and they are facing away from it.
When these conditions are met, the employee is stuck facing in the same direction (away from the entity) and it will become visible again, before charging up for five seconds and slashing for massive Black Damage (100-120) in a small area in front of it.
If the targeted employee is killed by the initial attack, the entity will anchor itself within the room with its tentacles and begin sending out pulses of moderate Black Damage (6-10) every three seconds. If it is not killed within the next 30 seconds, it will explode, reducing the Qliphoth Counters of every Abnormality connected to the hallway it is in or the two closest Abnormalities to zero.
If the targeted employee is not killed, it will begin attacking with a lunging single-target bite attack (15-20 Red Damage) or a multi-target tentacle attack (2-3 Black Damage 7-8 times), aiming for the marked employee. If the targeted employee is killed, the entity will go invisible again and change targets, beginning the process again until it is killed.
The orbs have the following defences:
Red: Endured (0.5) | White: Weak (1.5) | Black: Endured (0.5) | Pale: Weak (1.5)
When every orb is killed, the event will end, and the following message will appear:
"What were they looking for? Perhaps we will never know. Perhaps that's for the best."

The Midnight of Crimson
"Together, we shall create a spectacle unrivalled. A revelry dedicated to the beauty of blood and flesh and entrails."
- Event Starting
The Ordeal of Crimson Midnight, also known as The Carnival of Flesh, is the final escalation of the Crimson Ordeals, incorporating elements from each of the previous Ordeals simultaneously. Without proper management, the situation will spiral out of control with no hope of recovery.
When the event starts, a large carnival tent will appear in the main room of the Upper Central Command Department. The tent will open to reveal a bloodied stage, revealing one of three entities with unique behaviours. After performing 2-3 attacks (10 seconds delay between each attack, barring exceptions), the curtains onstage will close and the entity will switch. The tent has a 33% chance to perform its own attacks in the interlude between switching entities.
The carnival tent has 17000 HP, and has the following defences:
Red: Resistant (0.2) | White: Endured (0.7) | Black: Endured (0.7) | Pale: Weak (1.5)
The first, the Blood Jubilee, is a much larger Crimson Dawn clown made of free flowing and congealed blood. It has three faces (happy, sad, angry) which appear to be melting due to being constructed of flowing blood.
It will dance around on stage, pausing occasionally to switch centre masks and attack in one of three ways:

  1. Fires 3-4 gravity-affected volleys of many exploding blood shots, each dealing 20-25 Red Damage in an area. These volleys are launched to extreme height and will splatter in roughly equal numbers in each department, tending to cluster around main rooms (happy mask)
  2. A shriek that charges up over the course of 15 seconds, dealing massive (100) White Damage in a large area, causing 5-6 random Agents to go insane, and four random Qliphoth Meltdowns + 1 for every Agent directly rendered insane by the attack (sad mask)
  3. Firing 3-4 souls that possess nearby Agents, reducing their sanity to 1 and causing them to uncontrollably sabotage a random containment unit until their sanity is back to 100% (angry mask).
The second, the Sculpted Entrails, is the corpse of a clown with a smiling face painted on. From offstage, bloodied tendrils will manipulate the corpse's movements akin to a puppet on a string.
The corpse will be manipulated in such a way that it looks to be gleefully skipping about the stage, before it performs one of two attacks:
  1. Launching 5-6 flesh tendrils in random directions (telegraphed 10 seconds in advance by red lines) that are infinitely long, pierce through walls and floors, and deal massive (100-150) Red Damage to anyone hit by them
  2. Spawning an amalgamation of flesh (600 HP, 1.0 to all damage, big stitched meatball with clown rags and malformed arms) that drags itself away from employees at moderate speed. It stays in the same department as it was spawned in, exploding and causing all employees in the department to go insane + spawning a Crimson Dusk clown if not killed in one minute
The third, the Exalted Flesh, appears to be a morbidly obese angelic cherub in an ill-fitting clown costume stained with blood. Wings constructed of thinly-stretched flesh over sharp bone protrude from its back, and its abdomen (which has been haphazardly stitched together) has intestines with clown faces at their ends spilling out. It wears a clown mask which drips with blood.
It will twirl and spin onstage, flying clumsily, before performing one of two attacks:
  1. Grows its wings to a massive size (spanning across the department horizontally), holds for 12 seconds, and then slams them together. Employees caught by the arc take 40-50 Red Damage. Employees caught in the centre instantly die and explode, dealing 40-50 Red Damage to everyone in the department. Can perform this attack in any direction, with a 50% chance to repeat the attack in a random direction once it is performed (limit of 4)
  2. Spawns 8-10 smaller versions of itself that attempt to abduct employees, grabbing them over the course of 10 seconds, moving them far away, and reducing their movement speed for 30 seconds. Abduction can be prevented by repeatedly attempting to interact with the abductee
When the curtains are closed, the tent may perform 1-2 of its own attacks:
  1. Spawns small, invincible polyps in the main rooms of each department. After 10 seconds, they will swell and explode, dealing 100 Red Damage to all employees in the room
  2. Shudders for 20 seconds, then performs a smaller version of its ending attack that instead swells to fill the bounds of Central Command (still instantly kills employees on contact)
When the tent runs out of HP, it will shudder for 15 seconds, then begin swelling with a massive amount of flesh covered in stitches, clown masks and clothing, and paint; any employee who touches the swelling flesh will immediately die. Once it finishes expanding (the top just reaching into the main room of the Information Department, the sides into the main rooms of the Welfare and Disciplinary Departments, and the bottom just past Central Command 2), it will collapse back into itself and the event will end, displaying the following message:
"This celebration has come to an end, but others are already beginning. The cycle will continue evermore."
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2022.01.28 05:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Apple teases metaverse AR plans | The Hindu

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2022.01.28 05:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - US bans telecom giant China Unicom over spying concerns | BBC

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2022.01.28 05:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - WhatsApp has until end of Feb to clarify privacy policy change, EU says | The Hindu

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2022.01.28 05:18 Bogdanini Speed goes up'n'down in waves.

I had this problem forever, first with utorrent, now with qbit. I add the torrent, it takes a minute or two to reach it max (50-70MB/s), as soon as it hits the peak, it starts to fade with a same speed to a zero, sometimes to 5-7MB, hits the bottom, then begin to rise, etc. Need advice from someone with higher IQ=)))
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2022.01.28 05:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Haringey: Man in court over Jewish 'hate crime' attack | BBC

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2022.01.28 05:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Facebook wins conditional EU antitrust nod for Kustomer deal | The Hindu

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2022.01.28 05:18 Itraintinyhumans All in

“ I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” I huffed to Zach, sitting on the counter.
”only because It's Elliot,” he said softly. “If it was anyone else, you would be over the moon to be here.”*
I glared at him, “Not just him, an island full of narcissists and no rules sounds like a paradise for creeps” I crossed my arms.*
”Six months ago, you would have been one of these creeps,” Zach said gently as he put a hand on my shoulder.
”No,” I hopped off the counter, nearly losing my footing to the swaying of the boat. He caught me, holding me until I was steady... “I have always been a self-aware creep, which.. like… Makes me ten times better than them”
”sure.” he shrugged. “Look, I promise, I won't let anything bad happen.”
”God, your such a dad,” I groaned “you don't always have to be the protector”
”I know, but I don't mind,” Zach smiled, “As long as I'm here, nothing will happen to my friends. I promise.” He made a small X over his heart and waited until I did the same.
” Your kindness is revolting, Weather boy.”
“Maybe.” Zach shrugged “but I‘d like to think it's my best quality”
”Again, gross.”
“One thing.” He sighed.
“What?” I blinked.
“What’s one thing you wish you got to do as a kid?”
“…. What?”
He shrugged “can’t imagine you did anything terribly fun.”
”Let's just do what we’re here to do.” I tensed up
”All in?” He held out his pinky.
”All in….. for now.”
“Hey, can I borrow these?” Noah grinned, holding up my heart glasses.
“Fuck off, Lucas” I pushed past him and out of our villa.
What the hell was going on.
I ran to the ocean shaking, I checked my hands; they weren't burnt. It was just a dream… That Aurora Borealis… or whoever, must have just shaken me up. I stood until the sun shook off the nightmare.
“HI! It's Zach’s personal phone; leave a message.”
“Where are you? I need to talk.”
Then I remembered Zach wasn't on the island anymore, but my nightmare might have been onto something. We came to this island to help people? I was going to help Zach. I would apologize to Noah later, but I had more important things to do than make him feel warm and cozy inside.
“Is it Deja vu if it keeps happening?” I asked the bartender, “because next, I’m going to jump in front of Acid and probably die.”
“Good choice!” He said happily, “one of my favorites!”
I roll my eyes, “I’m going to kick your wife into the sun.” I say flatly.
“Oh man!” He said, “Wish I could do that. Maybe after my shift ends.”
Our NPC conversation was cut short by the screams; everyone at the bar was scrambling to get their phones out, then realized what was happening; they all watched in horror.
I was ready to run away when I saw Noah.
“ That was….something.” Zach said, skipping a stone, unsuccessfully on the ocean.
“Yeah, faking your own by-”
“No… no, you EATING a burger people thought was human and being unphased.” He looked at me, handing me a stone.
I rolled my eyes, “supposedly, humans taste like pork. So..” I threw the stone in the ocean.
He inhaled deeply “You scare me, Kierra.”
“So then stop being around me.” I turned to leave, he grabbed my hand, stopping me.
“No… you scare me, but I think you like it that way.” He bit his lip “because it’s easier if I leave because I’m upset with you, something you caused, that’s fine right? No loss?”
I didn’t answer. I sat on the deck watching the waves.
“But if I leave because I’m done with you… that hurts, right?” He sat by me “and don’t hit me with the ‘I don’t feel anything’, because again, you wouldn’t push people away if that was the case.”
“So after this you’re just going to drop me off and run?” I scoffed incredulously, “that figures.”
“Nah, not unless you do something really messed up..” he held out his pinky, “all in?”
I took his pinky with mine, “all in…. For now.”
** _____________________________________**
“Hey can I borrow y-“ Noah began.
“No,” I say, grabbing them from him, but what you can do, is go fly a kite.”
“Nah, we’re going to the beach party,” Noah grinned. “But that’s a good idea! I’ll have to add that to a date night! Thanks for the idea, Kierra!”
“Of course, you’d say that.” I slammed the villa door.
Staring out into the ocean, maybe if I broke the pattern before, I found Bruce. I took a deep breath in and turned to go back in to find an all-consuming void. Then my eyes widened, and I ran to her villa and pounded on the door.
“Yes, my child?” Aurora answered, arms spread wide, then opened her eyes and frowning, “you are the one I met yesterday.” She said, “with the angry young man.”
“Yeah.” I snap, I am “yesterday, you offered to read my cards? Do it now.”
“If you do not believe in the-“
“I had a friend who used to read the cards; I know the hokey pokey horse crap,” I said, “but I’m desperate, so make with the cards.” I snapped my fingers.
“I’m afraid that offer was for yesterday only.” She went to close the door, but I put my foot in her door before she could.
I was fairly convinced she caused this, but I didn’t know how, why, what I could do to stop it. Or maybe I was wrong, and she was just an eccentric old lady and would have to find another way to break the cycle. If I was right, I would be able to break the cycle and save Zach.
“You don't understand,” I said, “I need you to do a reading.”
She thought for a moment, then opened the door, “Come in sweet girl.”
We walked into the cold, white void, the sound of shoes on tile echoing; I looked straight at the back of her head until we stopped at a table. My heart stopped. It was the kitchen table I had when I was living with the Donahue’s.
“Sweet child, take a seat” she gestured to the table. I hesitantly sat at the table. “What, would you like to ask the cards?”
I attempted to hold myself back, “What comes next?”
She blinked then “the cards can not predict the future, merely guide you towards an answer for yourself.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know.” I crossed my arms “shut up and do it.”
I watched as she shuffled the cards, then looked to me to cut the deck. “Well?” Emile asked, “this isn't new.”
I close my eyes right, opening them to see the bug-eyed freak again. “What?”
“You need to cut the deck,” Aurora said softly, “to put your energy into the cards” she touched my hands. Instinctively I pulled my hand back then sighed, cutting the one deck into two roughly equal decks. She continued with a basic three card spread.
“You ready?” Emile smiled. I didn't want to shatter the illusion again.
“Yeah” I smiled. “Please go on.”
She turned the first one, The Hanged Man, the second, Death, and finally Strength.
“OH!” Emile said excitedly, clapping her hands, “ They are all upright, so this is an incredibly hopeful spread.” I stared at the cards, unable to comprehend.
“I'm sorry”
“I know.”
“How's seattle?”
She smiled sadly. “You know I wanted to move around.”
“Where are you now?” I clung to her hands.
“You don't know, we lost touch.” she sighed, Pulling her hands back and cleaned up the cards.
“You would have loved Zach and Noah” I said as she put the cards in her velvet bag.
“Hmm?” she asked, “you think so?” I sat back nodding.
“It's time to go now.” she stood, gesturing back to the void. It was so cold and sterile.
“Do I have to?”
“I'm sorry, but yes” Aurora said, tensing up, I have important work to do.
Once I left the room, I left the Villa, Bruce bleeding out. Noah. Acid. I wasn't in control. Body was on fire, losing hope, becoming unhinged.
** ____________________________________**
”That was wacky cracky,” I sipped my drink, “never in a million years would I expect that.”
Zach swallowed hard, staring at the floor “I didn’t like who I was today…. I’m sorry, you saw that side of me.”
I looked at him, “Zach, you did what you thought was right.”
”Ok, but it wasn’t, Kierra.” He rolled his eyes.
”I did the same thing.”
”Therein lies the problem.” He said, then he grimaced, “ I didn’t-“
”Oh, well fuck you too, I guess” I stood, “Go to hell Zach”
”Kierra….” He rubbed his eyelids, “you have to understand what I meant.”
”I did. Zach.”
”You made me promise to be honest, no matter what.”
”Oh, yeah, that makes it all better; you’re a great person, weather boy.”
”All in?” He stuck out his pinky.
All in……. For now,” I rolled my eyes, taking his pinky before leaving the hospital waiting room.
Day Ninety-Four
“That’s scary!” Noah’s eyes widened “you think that’ll really happen!”
“I’m pretty sure.” I said, “So we need to gather all of our stuff up, get your little boyfriend and get going.”
“We can’t do that.” He stopped in his tracks, “Kierra, if people are in trouble, and we can help them… we can’t just leave them.”
“Why not?” I blinked “they won’t die; it’ll be more spread out.”
He stared at me, “but they’ll get hurt! They’re completely innocent.”
“So are we,” I said, eyes wide, “let’s go.”
He shook his head, walking out of the villa; without thinking, I followed him, unintentionally starting the chain,
Bruce. Noah. Acid. Death.
Day Ninety-Five
I let Noah burn. I sat in my room; It was almost all day now; I felt like I was drowning in hellfire. It was his turn.
On day Ninety-Five, I let Noah burn.
”So.” I said, walking behind him, “you're always typing.” trying to read what he was working on.
”Well, I need to report on the festival.” he shut his laptop, stuffing it in between the couch cushions facing me. “Why do you care?”
”Tsk” I walked around sitting in the chair across from him, “I thought you’d be happy I was showing interest in someone other than myself, Weather boy.”
”I am not a ‘Weather Boy’; I am an investigative reporter. There is a big difference.” he huffed.
I smirked, “True, When the weather is reported, I can trust it. I know the Weather Report isn't always accurate, and I’ll find out soon enough.”
He scratched his eyebrow “of course you're the type that doesn't believe the news.”
“What can I say? Digital hallucinations can really mess a girl up.”
Zach looked deflated, “I… Don't know what to say.”
I looked at my nails, “And Who, pray tell, told you that you had to be constantly talking?”
He was too busy looking at his phone, eyes wide, getting paler by the second,
“I need to go somewhere. Stay here; I'll be back.”
Day Seven-hundred and fifty-two
“Elliot.” I barged into his room. “You're going to therapize me.”
He looked up from his book “it’s two hours to the party. I'd prefer to relax.” I took his book, flinging it into the void.
I sat on his attic floor “wasn't asking.”
Sighing, he sat across from me, “even if I wanted to, and I don't, it's wildly against code of ethics and a conflict of interest.”
“You never cared about ethics, and I will ‘conflict of interest’ you in the face if you don't help.”
He blinked. “Okay…? So?….”
“Look, you’re literally the last person I’ve come to, so wipe that stupid face off of your face and do what you came to do. help.”
“I came here to help people on the island.” He rolled his eyes.”
“I’m a person; I’m on this island. People on this island.”
“….. ok, let’s begin, what’s causing you problems….. more than normal.
“First, that is, so rude, second…” and then I told him everything. The trial, the connective hopelessness we all shared when Zach left, how angry I was with him, for going on dates while our friend suffered, then the death loop. “And ya know, I knew I was going to hell. Great, fine, whatever. But I kinda figured I’d be doing body shots off of Ted Bundy with Lizzy Borden right now, not sitting with the biggest asshole in history, reliving my death.”
He stared at me like I had lobsters crawling out my ears “….. ok, so are you mad you're in hell….. or ?”
“I’m trying to figure out what’s going on; keep up.”
He nodded slowly “uh-huh….okay” he shifted in his office chair, “so, you’ve been reliving the same day for two years… the same outcome?”
“Over two years, God Damn, are you even listening?” I snapped, “you have no idea ho-“
“You’re only comfortable when you are arranging your surroundings,” he cut me off “you’re stuck in a loop; you keep trying to change the outcome.” He leaned back. “I don’t think you’re dead… yet,” he said.
“Yet?” I blinked.
“Some people think when you die, or as you're dying, if it's a particularly traumatic death, your brain is rapidly making new scenarios. ways you could have survived, mixing old memories with fabrications to make sense of it. To find peace.”
“Well, thanks for nothing” I stood walking to the door, looking at the time, “see you in a half-hour.” I open the door glaring.
“He wanted me to focus on the people here.”
“Ok, in your spare time?” I heard my voice shake, my eyes stung.
“Kierra” Elliot sighed “There’s nothing we can do here… when we get back home we’ll help Zach, but we can’t do anything here.”
“Watch me.”
*It's amazing how easy it is to break into something with feigned naiveté, and a touch of stealth.
Oh no dad, I didn't even know you *had an office*
Honest Professor Adams I would never steal the answer key.
No really Bruce, I am lost.
Honestly, they gave themselves away. If I was in the wrong area…. Why would they care? Sometimes I wonder why I even bother coming up with elaborate lies.
I close my eyes, shaking as I look in the body bag. Awesome. That’s just great.
Pillows. What did that mean? Rocky faked his death, but that'd mean he was still on the island, unless he left. If Rocky left, someone would have to have seen him.
A stewardess, or gate agent…. Someone would have leaked the news.
So there was a better chance of exonerating Zach.
All in.
** _____________________________________**
The pain rendered me near imoblie.. I’d tried every variable I could imagine, all led to the same outcome, I was stuck on this island.
Before I gave in entirely, I wanted one last phone call. “Zach… Zach, I need you to pick me up. Answer your phone..”
“Kierra… Why did you call me? I can't save you. I'm not on the island.”
“.... I know… But maybe you have ideas..”
“I didn't pick up after you saw the body bag.”
“It went to voicemail,” he said softly.
“Then I-” I trailed off, clutching my phone.
“It's too late…. Kierra, you can't change the outcome.. All you can do is let go.”
“I can't just…”
“This isn't real… None of this is.”
“... So what should I do next?”
“Kierra, it doesn't matter.”
“Then can I stay on the phone with you at least?”
“Ok,” he said.
“How was your day?”
“It was good.”
“Yeah…. It was good”.
“I'm glad,” I whisper.
“Kierra….” Zach said, “You're going to be okay.”
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