The Palest Grey - Lamplight

2022.01.28 04:42 soundinthedistance The Palest Grey - Lamplight

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2022.01.28 04:42 RushiL_21 So why is my laptop behaving like this? it just started yesterday *More info in comments*

So why is my laptop behaving like this? it just started yesterday *More info in comments* and this also happened in riot valorant login page. but just to say my games are running perfectly fine. also did GPU stress test and got 0 artifacts or crashes or anything.
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2022.01.28 04:42 garybeharrie The Ultimate Max Payne 3 Experience! Ray Tracing HD Textures FOV Blood Rework & More! Mod Showcase

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2022.01.28 04:42 KnightShan76 Special characters

Is there any possible way I can remove characters like ? or / from the special characters list?
or is there a way to change a character's appearance? for example, make an a look like a ?, to trick File Explorer?
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2022.01.28 04:42 ShelbysPlants So I heard putting your monstera’s Aerial root in water helps them grow! And I thought it would be cute to put some duckweed on top! Anyone know if this will damage it?

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2022.01.28 04:42 fuck_yiu how do i add special characters when changing my name?

when i try with my on screen keyboard it doesn't work. How do people do it?
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2022.01.28 04:42 crytoloover NEW CRYPTO UPDATE 💎 Santa Floki 🚀 The Next 100X Token 💎

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2022.01.28 04:42 xaj13 People in the American military that complain about the conditions so much, such as treatment, food rations/quality ect. why do you stay in it?

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2022.01.28 04:42 rqz23 Nightshift gas station worker

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2022.01.28 04:42 IhsousApoTaLidl Why even bother letting us choose the build the bot uses in Practice if it's still going to buy whatever it wants?

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2022.01.28 04:42 timpain1118 How To Take Care Post Heart Attack?

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2022.01.28 04:42 HLMenckenFan Not even hiding it

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2022.01.28 04:42 NukeThatHasWifi Blak bare

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2022.01.28 04:42 acclimatizing_banana Is it wrong for me to reject advice from hypercasual designers?

I know that no one designer is meant to be a rockstar and can afford to reject all perspectives because someone can see something they don’t etc. but hear me out:
It’s been pretty consistent that every time I’ve had a dev of hypercasual games comment on my development they always only have these things to say:

  1. Amp up the VFX to 20(/10)
  2. You’re overscoped, cut content from your game
And I feel it’s just pretty ludicrous how pretentious they are, backing up their advice with “trust me bro”, I have “years of industry experience” (a portfolio of casino games/idle clicker games/mobile top chart blatant clones) as if it means anything.
I am extremely convinced that hypercasual designers have zero good advice to offer because they come from a genre of safety and imitation. They’ve never had to take ownership of any design decision they’ve made. They don’t explore ideas and solve problems. They don’t have the experience in solving problems in order to make a mechanic work. All they do is walk the same path others have tread before. When they hear a player feedback “This isn’t fun” they don’t think “I wonder where we went wrong and how do we fix it?” They think. “We must have copied something wrong, go analyse our reference again.”
And I’m not trying to be haughty or purist about what it means to be a “real game designer”. I’m saying that at a very early point is where the “expertise” of hypercasual designers end, and a lot of challenges in game design appear way beyond that. I’m not just saying AAA games. Even making a 5 hour game in a beginner engine like Game Maker or RPG Maker has more problems to overcome than a hypercasual game.
It’s so frustrating how pushy they are with their advice despite happily stagnating.
I’d like to know if this is a common sentiment or if I’m just a punk-ass cocky upstart designer for even thinking it.
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2022.01.28 04:42 Longjumping_Wrap_746 [steam][2017] can someone provide help?

Genre: Adventure, RPG
Estimated year of release:2017
Graphics/art style:pixel art
Notable characters: skeleton with shotgun and anime glasses
Notable gameplay mechanics: unknown
Other details: unknown
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2022.01.28 04:42 IllusOone From the Mouth of Babes

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2022.01.28 04:42 lovely_bird22 No idea

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2022.01.28 04:42 tellmeajokehaha who’s looking for a real friend/connection⁉️hmu

It’s the new year n i’m looking to make new friends‼️i’ve lost some friends and come to a realization i need more. i’m looking for someone likeminded, that doesn’t take things too seriously n can joke about anything. i’m open minded, non judgmental, if you’re cool to me i’ll b cool with you. i’m an introverted person n stay in my own lane. 21 m from canada.
anyway enough about me, tell me about yourself hmu with answers to these 3 questions‼️
top 3 favourite artists/bands?
if you had to get a tattoo what would you get or your fav tattoo?
and 3 words to describe yourself
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2022.01.28 04:42 Professional-House64 Chahat Khanna

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2022.01.28 04:42 Firm_Practice4964 I (24F) am with a seemingly perfect man (25M) yet I still have doubts. Do I need therapy? Is something wrong with me?

My boyfriend and I have a long history, we will call him Tim. Tim and I started dating right after high school and dated off and on all throughout college and through our early 20s. He has ALWAYS been an amazing human being. The type of person that makes you want to be your absolute best self. He treats every single person he meets with the upmost kindness, including me. We dated for about 5 years (with a couple of breaks in college) and I ended it a couple years ago due to our incompatibilities. He is very much a home body and wants to live in our hometown forever, while I love to go out, try new things, and travel the world. While he always supported me in doing what I want, I felt like he held me back in a sense because I didn't want to leave him behind or live separate lives. I was also pretty immature and felt like I did not have enough experience with dating when I broke up with him.
Throughout our 1.5 year breakup we stayed in pretty close contact because we share a dog. I ended up casually dating another guy for about 6 months, and he talked to a couple of gals but never anything serious. This new guy and I had a ton of fun and a lot of similarities in life, but I could not emotionally connect to him whatsoever. So, at about this time last year I ended things with guy #2 and realized how much I missed Tim and our relationship (we are truly bffs).
Tim and I slowly but surely started working on our relationship and he became more open to trying new things, and even agreed to move with me during my short-term away living arrangement for work. He has made a genuine effort, and I see that. I also love him immensely, and if anything I am the one that does not deserve him! However, I think about my doubts ALL OF THE TIME. Hence why I came to reddit. I am not sure if this fear of settling is normal, or if I need to seek therapy for past familial issues or what the deal is. I genuinely want to marry Tim one day, but in the same token I can't stop thinking about what life would be like alone. Help me.
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2022.01.28 04:42 imGonnaKillMyselfa Do you guys have letter writing in language study?

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2022.01.28 04:42 Affectionate_Crab_41 SHINee KEY x Youlief donated 12 million won worth of Key:Face sets to the Korea Single Mothers & Families Association on the 27th of January! ❤️

Translated source:
Original source:
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2022.01.28 04:42 ThePentaMahn How important is having logic be at 4 for passive skill checks?

I know logic is one of the biggest passive skill checks and I'm afraid that I'll miss out on a lot of tasks if I don't have it at 4. Already I've missed one with the gardener and I feel like I'm going to miss a lot of these interactions if I don't have it higher later on.
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2022.01.28 04:42 Luuk341 The Crusader is ready to Crusade!

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2022.01.28 04:42 Positive_Benefit8856 GeneralSativa

Just played a game against a player named GeneralSativa in Bo3 Historic Ranked. I play elves, splashing black for discard/removal out of the side board. In the hopes they are an active member of the community, their mono G defender deck was super cool. Much respect.
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