Steve McQueen hunting with his dog, Mike, some time in 1963

Walter Hill (born January 10, 1942) is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer known for his action films and revival of the Western genre.He has directed such films as The Warriors, Hard Times, The Driver, Southern Comfort, 48 Hrs. and its sequel Another 48 Hrs., Streets of Fire, Red Heat, Last Man Standing, Undisputed, and Bullet to the Head, as well as writing the screenplay ... Sydney Irwin Pollack (July 1, 1934 – May 26, 2008) was an American film director, producer and actor. Pollack directed more than 20 films and 10 television shows, acted in over 30 movies or shows and produced over 44 films. For his film Out of Africa (1985), Pollack won the Academy Award for Best Director and Best Picture. He was also nominated for Best Director Oscars for They Shoot Horses ... 1. A domesticated carnivorous mammal (Canis familiaris syn. Canis lupus subsp. familiaris) occurring as a wide variety of breeds, many of which are traditionally used for hunting, herding, drawing sleds, and other tasks, and are kept as pets. Any reader can search by registering. There is a fee for seeing pages and other features. Papers from more than 30 days ago are available, all the way back to 1881.

2022.01.28 04:41 007butnotcool Steve McQueen hunting with his dog, Mike, some time in 1963

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2022.01.28 04:41 Zealousideal_Damage5 Killing people is bad

It's mean, it's inappropriate, and it's bad for the economy.
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2022.01.28 04:41 realbeautyninja quicksync x265

i tried using x265 conversion with quicksync.. i'm using a coffee processor.. and anything i tried.. it fails
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2022.01.28 04:41 DarkCommando82 Combat patrol - yay or nay?

I want to start playing some drukhari, is the combat patrol box good value and a good starting point?
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2022.01.28 04:41 Floor-Proof Famine, subjugation and nuclear fallout: How Soviet experience helped sow resentment among Ukrainians toward Russia

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2022.01.28 04:41 AvedaAvedez Questions regarding building Valeos Full Premium

I like the idea of Power Restriction as a whole against Overtriggers, but V-Valeos as a whole feels as though it is designed in a completely different direction from the G-Valeos. Lack of Gift Markers on V-Valeos for one is really awful as a whole.
This leads into a whole lot of questions relating to deck-building with Valeos:

  1. V-Valeos does not provide Gift Markers, and the rest of the effects are only usable if he is not Striding, so one could argue that G-Valeos is a better G3 ride as a whole. Assuming the other G3 is not V-Tetra Drive, how many of each copies of Valeos and Arsenal Fleet should I run? Also, are there any other better G3 rides? If so, how many copies should I run?
  2. What G2s should I run in this deck apart from G-Foivos? Medla might be justifiable due to Point 1, but she is stuck behind GB1.
  3. Propulsion Dragons are unusable due to Point 1. How many of Corvettes, V-Beragios, Tridents and Bright Shooters do I run each?
  4. Brutal Troopers, Stride Fodder Triggers and G3 Heals are standards. Do I run Draw PGs or G-Yorgos as my PGs(to enable back row attacking)?
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2022.01.28 04:41 RileyCox2199 Working with Fae

Title says it all, I want to explore working with the Fae and would really appreciate any advice/suggestions/etc
Blessed be ❣️
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2022.01.28 04:41 Pristine-Heart0789 What are your thoughts on casting actors that don’t match their character’s book descriptions for the upcoming pjo show? [pjo]

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2022.01.28 04:41 DragonBallCee PFR in a limp-heavy pool

I’m a decent tournament player but I’ve been focusing on learning cash games as a way to hopefully make a more steady profit. It’s not going well. Played 10NL for a few weeks (put in about 10k hands) and lost about 90 bucks total. I was having a bad time playing poker so I went back to tournaments and hit a long dry spell and essentially tilted off the rest of bankroll. I took a little time off and hit reset. Now I’m back to working on my cash game but this time I’m playing 2NL and I want to really put the time/work in and move up the stakes the right way.
Anyway- after a few thousand hands, I’m down 10 buy ins. I have lost at least 4 whole buyins to run of the mill bad beats (all in deepstacked with 80%+ equity) so I’m not beating myself up over it. I have banked a few small wins too. Pretty standard variance over a small sample.
One huge leak I’m trying to plug is that I’m probably too loose. I constantly read/hear people on YouTube and training sites to value bet thin at these stakes and call down light. I’ve obviously taken that too far and I’m dialing it back.
One thing I don’t fully understand is PFR. I was under the impression that I’m supposed to raise/3bet all of my value hands against loose fishy opponents. Leak tracker says my PFR is way above normal winning players. The games I play in generally have at least one limp per hand usually with a caller or 2 (or 3). Should I be limping behind/calling minraises more often? If so, with what hands?
VPIP: 37 PFR: 26 3B: 11
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2022.01.28 04:41 TheWorstTM I love Sophie ☺️

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2022.01.28 04:41 Kemro59 Mais quel enfer cette loooongue bande de bitume sans végétation, rien. Bruxelles, place de l'yser.

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2022.01.28 04:41 zmcle8 Is a four star maxon on better then a three star the mechanist?

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2022.01.28 04:41 Angry_Toaster72 Could the band Ghost BC be considered metal?

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2022.01.28 04:41 IDK_Maybe_ Car crash on the freeway involving garbage truck (1/27) 2-2:30pm

I saw it on my way to work and the dump truck apprently rear ended a white SUV and the rear was crushed in on its self. There was a car seat in the back seat and a little bit from the crash a fire truck crew was talking to a couple kids who I assume were involved or realated to the ppl who crashed*
I hope no one died..
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2022.01.28 04:41 Leroytav Thoughts?

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2022.01.28 04:41 primeukbot Flash Kitchen Cleaner Spray, Grease Remover, Fresh Citrus(450 ml x 10) £7.65 prime + £4.49 non prime @ Amazon (£6.50/£7.27 s&s)

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2022.01.28 04:41 Asteroid_Falling Im annoying

I’m optimistic and very chatty. I like to talk to people and not going to lie I can be a bit of an air head when it comes to a lot of things. People tend to dislike me for these things and some find me plain out annoying for seemingly anything. I like to see the best in things or try too at least, I always have a cheer for my team to hype us up, some encouraging things to mention or something to hype others up and make them feel better. Because of this, I’ve been told things like that people can’t stand to hear me, I give them headaches, I’m too loud, they want to punch me, and that I need a pessimistic person around me. I get not everyone wants to hear some fucking shit yelling “we got this!” After we’re losing 10-0. I also tend to like to constantly talk and interact with people cause if not, I get a bit depressed. I understand it’s a me problem and I avoid using it against people and try to keep it mainly to myself. One person knows this and they’re the same but eh, still a me problem if they don’t exactly wanna talk. People dislike my spamming, I get why so I try to stop but I sometimes will spam someone on accident if they leave for a few days no warning. My boyfriend kinda admitted they don’t like spam messages and stuff.On top of all of this, I know I wouldn’t be hearing from my boyfriend at all if I didn’t text them. They’re horrible at responding to my text, and somewhat communication and I get why it just hurts when they disappear in the middle of a conversation where I texted within the minute they sent the text and they’re gone for three days. Last time I asked their friend if they were okay and they only contacted me after that and I feel, annoying. They did so much to kinda not talk to me it feels and I felt like I didn’t matter in all honesty. Once again, it’s really just a me problem if I feel like that. They’re dealing with stuff and I’m just a little hurdle in the road sometimes. I’m just so tired of feeling useless and annoying. I want someone to make me feel good, even if they hurt me physically or something I want that good feeling of them hyping me up and even if it’s after they were to beat me it’d feel nice to get maybe an it’s gonna be okay even if it’s not. I crave affection, genuine affection thats not back handed or knowingly one way. I want love. I want someone to spam me with good morning and I love you messages. But I’ll live without it.
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2022.01.28 04:41 shinestarshine1 Exagear possible issue, Starting/Starting up

I've tried about three or four different Exagear (Windows emulator) versions with said obb for them. And it keeps either freezing on the Starting/Starting up after i press the application. Or is in a weird loop.
For those wondering what i'm doing. I open said apk file, It opens up asking for said obb file, I then put obb file in said new folder that appears in the Android folder after starting up the Exagear apk for the first time, As many videos about using Exagear do this, And then starting the application afterwards.
And i'm doing this on a Samsung tablet S6 for those wondering.
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2022.01.28 04:41 UserUninvited What do I do when my players schedules don't align when deciding a time for a new campaign? Particularly when one is extremely tight with their options?

I hope this is appropriate for this sub.
This will be my first campaign as a dm so I'm not too sure where to start with scheduling problems. I've ask the group what days and times they can do weekly and 3/4 have replied. Two responses were fairly easy to work with, but one player responded with:
"Saturdays 1pm-4pm is probably the best time for me but even then it might not be consistent until we're done with college completely"
I know that the fourth player will not be able to do that due to work, and even if that wasn't an issue I'd rather everything could be fairly consistent and regular.
I don't want to kick this person out but it's pretty tight and as that's the only option they've given it doesn't seem they have the time to "commit" 3 hours a week to this. What can I do? How do I approach them to talk about different options?
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.28 04:41 Zee_099 What percentage of your take home income do you spend on your monthly car payment? (Not including insurance, gas, maintenance, etc.)

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2022.01.28 04:41 TrufflesTheCat What do you do with a person that has done fraud and is in constant debt?

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2022.01.28 04:41 PuzzleheadedPear9564 Tokens got airdropped!! Thanks! Love the new name ParaToken, I'll guess we get a new subreddit as well:)

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2022.01.28 04:41 Throwawayacct006780 [W2C] Help Me Find these McQueen shoes

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2022.01.28 04:41 GenuinelyManic Dad always used to say, “don’t talk with your ____ full.”

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2022.01.28 04:41 Brendenc6 Pacing Questions??

Does anyone know what the pace is currently on track for? Are we going to get the full story finished in these last episodes or are we getting the movie?
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