Anxiety in dating?

2022.01.28 05:08 Tasty-Philosopher474 Anxiety in dating?

So up until recently I’ve always been really comfortable with dating and I’ve had good experiences however last year I encountered my first ever heartbreak which really changed the way I approach dating. After my heartbreak I took about six months off and really focused on myself and wanted to heal completely before I started dating again.
I tried online dating for the first time ever in my life and matched with a guy who is everything that I wanted in a person except he lives in another city to me. We spoke and we’ve seen each other about four times now and we have been talking for three months and just last weekend he came and visited me and we decided to officially date.
But I feel like things have been going a bit slow between us usually at this point me and my boyfriend( previous relationships ) have been quite close constantly texting and calling on FaceTime and with this guy we only talk like once or twice a day and we reply to each other after ages and we have not had a phone call or a FaceTime yet and I’m getting a bit of anxiety if he’s going to lose interest if you need someone to initiate anything or if you stop talking to me randomly.
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2022.01.28 05:08 RushLow4513 My boy Archie looks so tiny when he snuggles down

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2022.01.28 05:08 randumbhuehue That smile

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2022.01.28 05:08 ima7gay7unicorn What is your favorite movie/show that features your home town?

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2022.01.28 05:08 Chloe_VV Does hissatsus in Orion get stronger even they don't evolve like Fire Tornado and God Knows in Aliea Arc?

Or the players in FFI sucks and weak asf. But I do believe Norika's Mermaid Veil is stronger in Orion compare to Ares same goes to God Knows Impact because if it wasn't stronger than Ares, then the Navy keeper can stop it.
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2022.01.28 05:08 Fluffy_a_i_d_a Sam Kim - Smile (Prod. R3hab)

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2022.01.28 05:08 flickerflash You can make plasma by microwaving grapes

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2022.01.28 05:08 NumeroUno738 Do you guys ever just get super thirsty randomly

I just drank 7 or 8 full glasses of water in the space of less than 5 minutes so you know that’s pretty cool
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2022.01.28 05:08 Methodical172 To visualize this better: 1,352,000,000 LBP used to buy you 4 Lamborghini Huracans in 2019, and that same number covers the import fee of an S-class in 2022

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2022.01.28 05:08 tshiar Farscape in 90s Anime Style by megagrozov (spoiler b/c Chianna's A Bit Cold)

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2022.01.28 05:08 goliash6 VÍM že to sem nepatří je to čistě přírodní spawn

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2022.01.28 05:08 Designer-Brush-4793 Loved the movie but needed to get this terrible joke out of my system

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2022.01.28 05:08 ThiccStorms too dark [OC]

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2022.01.28 05:08 Flachforelle Can a hockey veteran/pro fan, explain to me what a "enforcer" was in easy terms? Was this dude just someone who pulled up to fight?

I am not a hockey fan, but the sport is cool, i also like that the sport is very rough, and its a real mans game.
Now i heard off the term "enforcer".
Was this really a dude who was a 6'8 Beast, who was basically riding the bench, and when a fight occured he was going all out.
Basically it only mattered how good he could fight on skates?
Or am i exaggerating? Can somebody explain this to me? Did this dude play?
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2022.01.28 05:08 oyomoyk W-what?

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2022.01.28 05:08 Magic-dee-7 H: aa2525 enclave flamer w: legacy offers

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2022.01.28 05:08 stinkysulphide Cat.

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2022.01.28 05:08 crytoloover SushiSwap Tutorial 2022 | How to Stake, Earn, Swap on SushiSwap?|

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2022.01.28 05:08 ItzzViper Image not showing up in website

I've been at it for hours and I really hope someone finds I've messed up a line with a simple fix or something I've tried many alternatives like changing formating, clearing caches, starting fresh, please if you know why this code won't show my image let me know
Here's the code:

Passion Project Website Design

margin: 0;
min-height: 100vh;
width: 100%;
background-image: linear-gradient(rgba(4,9,30,0.7),rgba(4,9,30,0.7)),url(images/guy.JPG);
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2022.01.28 05:08 mundanemango94 Does anyone else have an awkward family?

As background info, I’m in my late 20s, Female, Asian, and live with my parents. I have an older brother. My parents have always given us what we wanted and been there for us - they are in fact really good parents. Dad is always the giver of emotional support, while mom is more of material love. She cooks great food for us and buys us things, our conversation topics are mainly food and clothes. She wasn’t as emotionally available as my dad - she would walk off mid sentence / mid conversation, and in depressing times of my life she wrote off my feelings when i told her about it. My parents have never shown physical affection to each other and there have been times they stopped talking to each other. They tell me lots of negative stories (1 on 1 with me) about each other (eg why they shouldn’t have married each other etc.) Both of them are quite talkative by nature while my brother and I are introverted. My brother and i used to be close but as we grew up we became as good as strangers - we even became awkward with each other.
We have this really weird dynamic where we can only talk one on one, so for example i can be talking with my mom about something in the car and the moment my dad steps in, we just stop talking about it and change the subject/on the radio. Or i could have a burning question to ask my dad, but if mom is around, i would wait for her to walk away before asking him the question. I also usually wait for them to talk first, unless i can think of something to talk about. During dinners, my parents do most of the talking while my brother and I are rather silent. I feel like my brother and I have grown up to be quite expressionless and shy people despite my parents being talkative. That being said, they have been wonderful parents to me and i enjoy their company very much. Outside of family life, i'm rather shy as a person and can count my friends on one hand. I would say that i'm generally likeable but unable to forge deep friendships as i grew older.
Wondering if anyone has experienced this before, it would be great if you could share your experience or insight into my situation.
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2022.01.28 05:08 FreeToe5976 $PFE$ $TSLA$ $AAPL$ $AMZN$ $NFLX$()

Biden doesn't like stock trading. Is it difficult to go V this year? Trump's tweet was as effective as Ma Yilong's tweet! In the stock market trading, the so-and-so party can't compare with the Republican Party, or does the so-and-so party have no traders at all?
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