[OC] Sunny Bush at Zion [3326 × 3326]

2021.12.02 16:47 Peteman2112 [OC] Sunny Bush at Zion [3326 × 3326]

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2021.12.02 16:47 gofuckyourselfsandi [FO] I made this a while back when the game was still popular, thought I'd share it now!

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2021.12.02 16:47 eogibfnfdfn (29f) sister step wanted your all not night

She texted me last night saying she wanted it so bad, so bad. So bad
Like what do i do about this do I give her it
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2021.12.02 16:47 hapneyho G2A is a complete scam. Took my money. I have no game after three days and now I can't get a single bit of help.

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2021.12.02 16:47 Physical-Impression6 $50 Bonus from M1 Finance for $100 Deposit

$50 Bonus from M1 Finance for $100 Deposit M1 Finance is an investing and money-management platform where you get to create your custom investment portfolio with just a few clicks. Or you can choose to copy a portfolio from an existing expert investor.
Right now, they are offering a nice $50 bonus for anyone to join through their referral program - here are the steps to get your $50 bonus:
  1. Sign up for M1 Finance using my referral link: https://m1.finance/SVWC9APPLR3X
  2. Open a non-retirement account. "Individual Investing" should suit most people.
  3. Verify your identity.
  4. Create your "first pie" (I personally just chose Coinbase, Apple and Amazon to get started).
  5. Connect your bank and fund your account with $100 or more within 30 days of signing up. You don't actually have to use this fund to invest. You can just let it sit untouched and you'll still get your bonus. If you don't want to invest just yet, make sure Auto-invest is turned off.
  6. Your bonus gets posted within 14 days.
  7. You must maintain your balance of $100 or more for 30 days to be fully entitled to the bonus.
In my case, the bonus was credited 14 days after my deposit. Deposited $100 on August 25, got my bonus on September 8 (see image below). I had not even invested my $100 when I got my bonus. This made it one of the easiest signup bonuses I've ever earned. (Actually, had I invested my $100, it might have dropped below the required amount to meet the $100-for-30-days requirement - if you do want to invest right from the start, I'd recommend setting "Minimum cash balance" set to $101 and turn on Auto-invest, to invest just the remaining balance)
After maintaining your balance of more than $100 for 30 days, you can withdraw your fund back to your bank without affecting your bonus.
Your M1 account will also give you basic banking features such as a spend account, a debit card and borrowing.
The $50 bonus offer is good until December 31, 2021. I think this is a great offer I can recommend to anyone. Thank you for using my referral link, in advance. Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions!
(Available in USA only)

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2021.12.02 16:47 PlayfulBug1635 Ginas Mcdonalds Meal Review tell me what you think and what improvements I can make! Subscribe;)

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2021.12.02 16:47 Dreamtarot Why don't they film more seasons?

Anyone know? I'd love to have more than one per year!
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2021.12.02 16:47 Opnwde Boost for boost?

If you Boost me I’ll be happy to do so in return! Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/G1U0YFosClb
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2021.12.02 16:47 Spid-Man What're the best/most annoying ninjas in defense?

And what're their best and most optimal build?
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2021.12.02 16:47 MrEmeralddragon Ireland's Senate passes resolution backing Taiwan

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2021.12.02 16:47 jivatman Paris archbishop who had 'ambiguous' relationship resigns

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2021.12.02 16:47 alexle56 Источник: автором письма главврачей ковидных больниц к противникам вакцинации была Маргарита Симоньян

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2021.12.02 16:47 PotatoVirtual9840 QC DJ41 from jtime

Dealer name: jtime
Factory name: CF Datejust 41 ( 126334 )
Album Links: https://imgur.com/a/7eb4HAu
Index alignment: Looks OK
Dial Printing: Looks OK
Date Wheel alignment/printing: Number looks a little thicker than usual
Hand Alignment: Looks OK
Bezel: Looks OK
Solid End Links (SELs): no clue what to look for here
Timegrapher numbers: Rate seems fine to me
Movement: 3235 Automatic Movement - no clue what to look for here :(
Clasp: I feel its a little more scruffed up than usual - might just be on the plastic on top
Cyclop lens: Cant tell if its properly aligned, camera angle is off in every pic
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2021.12.02 16:47 ItsFrank25 The Queen Elizabeth II (at the time Princess) serving as a mechanic during WWII

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2021.12.02 16:47 Fimfarchive Fimfarchive 20211201 released! All stories on Fimfiction in a single archive.

Thirty-fourth release with 200736 stories.
Fimfarchive is a project which aims to release all stories available on Fimfiction, together with their metadata, as a single archive. The archive is organized by author and could be used for backup, offline reading, or data mining.
A new version will be released each season via BitTorrent, approximately once every three months. When suitable, an xdelta3 patch will also be provided for users who do not wish to redownload unchanged stories.
Note that the archive contains a large number of files. Unzipping it to your file system may not be necessary if the archive is to be used together with some application. If you are a developer, reading directly from the ZIP-file may be preferable.
The complete archive.

The xdelta3 patch.
This is not an official Fimfiction project!
Do not contact Fimfiction staff for support regarding this archive.
Post questions as a comment or private message to this account instead!
More Information
See the README file or my submission history for more information.
Thanks to hawthornbunny for looking through the archive prior to this release.
Merry Christmas!
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2021.12.02 16:47 CorrectImpression969 Future GEO teams

Hello, my first language is not English so I apologize for any errors. I love Itto and I am going to pull for him and his weapon, the point is that I am excited about what Itto can mean for geo teams, right now Geo cannot reach his highest potential due to the existence of Zhongli and Albedo ( and the fact that not everyone has these two characters), who at first look like the perfect companions for Itto, but they are only the best we have for now, this because they are not characters that fully scale of their DEF (zhongli scales with life / attack, Albedo E scales with Def and his Q with Attack), issue that doesn't happen with other teams… and for that same reason I think that MIhoyo made a mess with these characters and I don't think about it very well
and they do not take advantage of Gorou as Itto benefits from him. This makes me think that Mihoyo will bring us Geo characters that scale to DEF and may be the perfect sub dps and supports for Itto. I am excited to think of that possibility! what do you guys think?
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2021.12.02 16:47 jasommer14 [Discussion] A real life gauss rifle....

I wonder if they will come out with an explosive version: Link to the article
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2021.12.02 16:47 Kusopril 3rd Build - Considering trying actual "Gunpla" after this. This hobby is addictive...

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2021.12.02 16:47 CoffeeBlac (CAN CFE) Wishing the best, to all my fellow writers out there!

Results coming out tomorrow morning. Might be the copium speaking, but just remember it’s a stupid test and doesn’t reflect who you are in anyway. Hoping we all pass and never have to study for this shit again!
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2021.12.02 16:47 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Fennec] [Crimson Fennec: Ombre] [Helper Elf] [Battle-Stars] [Mistletoe]

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2021.12.02 16:47 jackfruitlova Firm’s solution to short staff

Sooo I am a 2nd-year senior at a big 4 in Toronto, Canada. I noticed that since last year there has been an abnormally high rate of turnover (even for newly promoted ppl which is crazy!) We have resorted to the following approaches:
1.Let offshore (India) managers and seniors work on certain parts of the engagement then a Canadian partner sign off on doc
2.Hire an absurdly high number of people from the Hong Kong office (who I assume are super eager to come to Canada. No joke, I was assigned to be peer buddy for 3 of them at the same time. One told me that working hours in HK are pretty crazy and she moved here hoping for better “work-life balance” - 🤔 hmmm…)
Would love to hear your thoughts and experience about what’s happening at your firms too.
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2021.12.02 16:47 Glum-Lock-3742 Need help with calling string index.

#Okay so I am trying to call part of a string with a variable I made and I keep #getting an index error saying the index is out of range. #This is a summary of what I am trying to do (The string is read from a file): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ variable = 0 string = file.readline() answer = string[int(variable)] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #I am then putting it into a loop where count for the variable is increased by 1 every time it loops. #Is this possible for me to do or will I need to try something else? #I would include my code as a whole but this makes it simpler to understand what #I am trying to do. 
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2021.12.02 16:47 Tecnik_ Sunrise SMP [semi-vanilla] {1.18}

Welcome to Sunrise SMP we are a hermitcraft inspired server
We are a vanilla server but with vanilla tweaks data packs and we are trying to add proximity chat. We would love it if you could make YouTube videos to help spread the server but if you can't that is perfectly ok. You must be 13+ and not toxic also try your best to be as active as possible you need to be able to join VCs. We would like it if you enjoyed building cause that will be a big part of the SMP. You can make bases and villages with other people and have fun! :)
The server will open on the 1st of December
Rules: No stealing
No duping
No xray/hacks
No racism / nsfw
No griefing
No self promotion (other than the dedicated chat)
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2021.12.02 16:47 Poketballer Favorite pulls today

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2021.12.02 16:47 HK-Parts New at HK Parts: US Made Trigger Group – 5 US Made Compliant Parts with Flat Trigger – MP5K -

HK MP5K 9mm Semi Auto SF style Trigger Group Complete. Each Unit Is Composed Of German HK & The Finest US Made HK Parts Available. Each Trigger Group Incorporates The Following US Made Compliant Parts:
US Made Sear US Made Hammer US Made Flat Trigger US Made Trigger Box US Made S,F Lower Housing
This lower is ready to drop on your semi auto HK firearm. Comes complete with the US made parts already installed, 3rd gen 9mm ejector lever and correct 9mm hammer spring. The remaining parts are all German HK parts to make up the rest of the trigger group. This item counts as 5 US 922R compliant parts toward the magical # of 6 US made parts being required for MP5K/Sp-89 style builds.
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