H: Qefms fixer, b2590 fixer and other weapons pictured below W: handmade/fixer offers, will bundle for a good offer.

2021.12.02 14:58 ocelotship H: Qefms fixer, b2590 fixer and other weapons pictured below W: handmade/fixer offers, will bundle for a good offer.

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2021.12.02 14:58 cllax14 Is there still a way to get Zarude if I just got the game?

I saw that the only way people have gotten Zarude is through promotional codes in the newsletter. Will there be more opportunities to get a code or am I too late to the party? :(
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2021.12.02 14:58 jasonrodrigues I turned my sister's cat drawing into reality using Photoshop

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2021.12.02 14:58 beatmymeatman Ive lost the christmas spirit :c

So ever since i was young enough to know what it was Christmas was the happiest, most fun time of the year. the feeling of crispness in the air, the gifts, the dinner. but just recently i finally got my first job, and started buying myself stuff cause i could afford it. I recently got myself a cool VR headset and my dad mentioned aw why'd you get that? we coulda bought it for you for christmas! and then i realized, wow i really didnt give a shit that christmas was soon. for the first time in 16 years i didnt care that christmas was coming! How do i change that? i desperately want to be excited for Christmas again but i just cant find the energy to do so. :(
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2021.12.02 14:58 PrinxityShipper Any masculine name sujestions? current name is Kai and I go by He/They pronouns

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2021.12.02 14:58 DontBeARentCucc Starting to think we have an investor driven supply issue

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2021.12.02 14:58 TheGuacKing Split screen for android auto? or is it only apple carplay DMH-7600/8600

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2021.12.02 14:58 RK1403 Begreift endlich, wie pauschal ihr Afrika stigmatisiert!

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2021.12.02 14:58 BuggaTheHomie The Kavanaugh situation should radicalize you against the ultra-wealthy / show you why Left Overs is important

I'm not sure to the even the degree the H3 crew sees this - but I hope you all understand that this Kavanaugh situation is a textbook profile of how the ultra wealthy abuse systems to maintain their power and leech off society. Kavanaugh is just extremely sloppy so it's all out in the open, but all high level executives, billionaires, oligarchs, etc. employ all the same tactics and abuse the same exploits.
- Starting off rich via wealthy parents
- Failing upwards in ways no ordinary person could (bankrupting companies, committing criminal DUI acts, yet still having a career)
- Taking credit for things you didn't do (i.e. Kavanaugh : Marvel = Musk : Tesla)
- Refusing to take responsibility for any mistakes
- Extensive PR investments (paying for articles, traffic, etc. to substantiate the fake credit you're claiming)
- Obscure layers of ownership and shell companies to avoid various forms of regulations, responsibilities, and taxes
- Abuse of legal system to snuff out negative press and threats
Those that operate at this level of wealth/power are deranged to the point of genuinely believing themselves to be "good guy". See the way Musk has reacted to the Billionaire Tax proposals recently as another example. Kavanaugh clearly shows this in his deranged public statements and hypocritical actions, but this is a characteristic of most ultra wealthy, and it's why they will never willingly give up any of power or wealth.
Perhaps if Kavanaugh was taxed at a higher rate he wouldn't be pissing away millions on IG bots and frivolous, predatory litigation. I wonder what that money could do going towards public schools, infrastructure, etc.
Any of you that watch his stream know this is at the core of Hasan's message, and it's why H3 producing Leftovers is important to further elevate these kinds of conversations. I see a lot of people in this sub complaining about Leftovers often, which is frustrating because we all can agree that Kavanaugh is a parasitic piece of shit, but for some reason many of us are not able to translate that into a broader socio-political understand of how power and wealth actually operates in the world and why that matters.
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2021.12.02 14:58 PowerOfDarkseid Why isn't Batman Vengeance available to play in the BC list and what is taking so long?

That game was one of the best batman games before we got the arkham ones. Great story. Awesome game play and iconic voices. I wish they would make it available to play ffs
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2021.12.02 14:58 rSlashPsycho I spent like 2 hours cropping these pngs on my phone so do with them what you will

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2021.12.02 14:58 TIMEwaffles Does the BOSE QC Earbuds have audible white/hissing noise?

I have seen some people talk about these ear buds having white noise, although I have never heard anyone mentioning it. White noise is a massive deal breaker for me while still deciding whether the buy these expensive ass audio machines. Love to hear your thoughts.
View Poll
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2021.12.02 14:58 snkde 81" MD Sports 2-Player 81" Arcade Basketball Game $35.96 + Free Shipping

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2021.12.02 14:58 DJFr33Dom Attitude & Lord Kaos - Dark Forces (Original Mix)[1998]

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2021.12.02 14:58 loyukfai GoldenDict – GPL Violation; Potentially Malware Version on Microsoft Store

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2021.12.02 14:58 energy1022 Short Loser Jim Chanos Short on DKNG

This idiot just came on CNBC saying he is shorting DraftKings DKNG… Let’s burn this idiot come on fellas
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2021.12.02 14:58 Therealboebs Seedling graft seems to have taken

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2021.12.02 14:58 SirBlueEyed 28 [M4F] Louisiana/Us? Lets just chat and spend our nights together?? [Relationship]

I'll start off with the bad just to get it out there. Im fat but I am trying my best to lose weight. I'm bald but I have a nice beard to hopefully compensate for that. I deal with depression every single day some days are way worse than others but not all the time. I talk bad about myself all the time because its makes it easier for when someone else does it to me. I game to cope with all my issues it separates me from the world and I forget about how shitty life is. Im currently unemployed but I am trying to find a job. That's most of the bad stuff about me in no where near perfect I'm not but I don't inspire to be I just want to be the best me I can and to hopefully one day make someone happy. I know it's alot but maybe someone out there will see past all that and still find me worthy.
Anyways, Hi! I go by Blue its a nickname I got from my friends like 10 years ago and they have called me that ever since. So at this point in time im used to it more than my own name so feel free to call me Blue but, I will tell you my real name if you get curious.
I am a gamer (PC) its what I do with most if not all of my free time. I have never been one that likes to go out and party and what not. I am not opposed to it just would rather stay home and play some games with my friends. So if you're a gamer thats a huge plus if not that's totally fine we can have other interests else where!
There is alot of movies I havent seen that people suggest I should but id rather not watch them alone! I havent seen Lord of the Rings maybe the first one? I havent seen Harry Potter since like the 2nd movie. And dont even get me started on TV shows I havsnt seen. Maybe I'll find someone who is looking for a relationship and that would like to spend time together over discord and watching movies/shows together
I am currently unemployed and I'm waiting for my friends to get a house in Michigan because I want to move there so bad. I've been there before some years ago and I loved every second up there and I can't wait to get back! I havent expiernced the winter up there but seeing as I'm from Louisiana ill probably die from the cold haha.
I use discord pretty much every day so if you have it too, we could chat there! We can voice chat, text , or even have little movie and gaming dates together. We can spend days and nights together just doing whatever we can.
Well I'm not sure what else to really write but feel free to message me and ask me questions or if you would just like to get to know me!
Also please be 21+ at least thanks!
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2021.12.02 14:58 ayushryan A quick boruto sketch for today!

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2021.12.02 14:58 IntnsRed Poll: Americans’ trust in the military plummets to less than 50% | The backlash and sense of betrayal during 20 years of war, which culminated with the Afghanistan withdrawal has taken its toll.

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2021.12.02 14:58 de_waste Maxed out RAM usage on Pixel 5a 5g

Currently my Pixel 5a 5g is showing average RAM usage as 5.7GB out of 5.7GB (like 99% all the time). It's causing many of my apps to refresh if I leave them and open them up instantly again. The Android OS itself is using like around 2.8-2.9GB memory all the time. Is this a problem for any other users as well? Also do any of you have any solution for this problem or is there any way I can solve this issue?
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2021.12.02 14:58 CrankierOldDude H: Q25ffr Tesla (2 star) W: junk/flux offer

All junk offers welcome, but I need flux, fiber optic, and circuitry most of all.
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2021.12.02 14:58 Keki_264 Legendary moose pelt

Hi. I just killed legendary moose,skinned it and went to sell it. On the way my horse got stuck on the ground. I loaded a autosafe but there is no pelt. Moose is crossed on the map, i have the antler but can't find pelt. What should i do?
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2021.12.02 14:58 Ehermagerd Sailors of Reddit: what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at sea?

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2021.12.02 14:58 Organic_Building2013 Serveur Discord communautaire Montréal

Bonjour! Ce nouveau serveur à pour but de réunir la communauté de Montréal sur le web en un seul endroit pour pouvoir rencontrer des gens plus facilement, se faire des amis, partager vos passions et tout simplement passer un bon moment! Le serveur est ouvert à tous et toutes et se veux rester tout public. N'hésitez pas a venir nous voir pour rejoindre une communauté grandissante de montréalais et montréalaise! À bientôt!
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