In communion - not of "common" faith, but of our now obvious uncommon harmony, singing and speaking truth across the ages, across faiths, across vast distance..... How can we spread this spirit of harmony, balance and decency - across a world gone mad with greed and fear?

2021.12.02 16:31 Johnhubertz1 In communion - not of "common" faith, but of our now obvious uncommon harmony, singing and speaking truth across the ages, across faiths, across vast distance..... How can we spread this spirit of harmony, balance and decency - across a world gone mad with greed and fear?

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2021.12.02 16:31 Jgaitan82 [WDYWT] Rocking some new My Hero Academia merch…Himiko Toga for the win!

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2021.12.02 16:31 AegisDriver626 Brave Marianne (By @KiwiPriestess) [Commission]

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2021.12.02 16:31 emalfal inspired by Drake & Bryson Tiller – "out of love" | dark r&b trapsoul type beat

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2021.12.02 16:31 usmanaga3131 Bir kadının size verdiği değer kıyafeti ile anlaşılır

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2021.12.02 16:31 domi3457 D’étranges nausées

Bonjour j’écris ici parce que sincèrement je sais plus du tout quoi faire alors s’il vous plaît si vous pouviez juste m’aider, me partager vos expériences ça m’aiderais beaucoup, alors ça fais qlq mois que j’ai d’horrible nausée + mal de ventre infernale le matin quand je me lève ou bien quand je stresse et je ne sais pas comment gérer ça car j’ai déjà un traitement anti-angoisse ( inefficace ) et personne ne sait ce que j’ai… merci
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2021.12.02 16:31 consciouskreatures Some Perspective On Price Action:

Some Perspective On Price Action:
HUT8's marketing and investor relation teams seem to parade around with the following convictions:
1.) Bitcoin is here for the long-haul, and will therefor continue to appreciate massively [Ergo HODL]
2.) HUT8, as THE MOST INNOVATIVE miner, is perfectly positioned to become a blue-chip mining company - 'for the long haul' - during society's (inevitable) cryptographic future [to whatever non- negligible degree that is]
3.) ....So long as Bitcoin continues to appreciate... HUT8 is a winner... after all, you might as well just consider us as "another way to gain exposure to Bitcoin performance."
Ok, now that we have that straight, let's ask; ''''what is absolutely, ABOVE ALL ELSE, salient to the market loosening up the discounted risk rate associated with HUT8 wide-eyed ambitions of becoming a blue-chip miner..... of believing that HUT8 actually deserves the bragging rights they espouse?!?''''
- Bitcoin's performance
Whether or not HUT8 will come to deserve the bragging rights they espouse (conjecture conjecture from me, here), will be up to the market to decide. But when BTC is in hardcore FUD mode, we simply can't fall into the trap of believing HUT8s performance is representative of anything akin to 'the markets beliefs about HUT8s claims of superiority.' Especially given that HUT8 is still a mid-cap company.
It's a mistake to conflate this issue.
So, how is Bitcoin's performance going? As most of ya'll know, the answer to that question is pretty contentious right now. I mean, it's always contentious, but especially so right now. Bitcoin FUD is very VERY high, and in turn, HUT (and the other miners), aren't in the most attractive position for optimistic, charitable, and forward looking speculation to be priced in. There is massive FUD with the MOST FUNDAMENTAL metric the market has at its disposal for valuing HUT8. It will hurt accordingly.
All miners have been dancing on a blade since inception. Sometimes, that blade gets dulled up enough by BTC performance for the market to feel optimistic and speculate on 'the blue chip' mining companies. As we have seen with HUT8s price action the last three months, it CLEARLY is taken seriously as a potential blue-chip miner when FUD is low and FOMO is high.
Yes, the November mining update wasn't great, but it's one month, they have time. Market seemed to just be waiting for the straw that would finally give HUT8 the pull back that was long over due.
HUT8 just bounced off between the 21Week EMA / 20Week SMA, which is frequently regarded as a key indicator for determining macro sentiment (bull/bear) of an equity.
Hut8 hadn't last seen the 21EMA or 20SMA since the week of August 2nd.
During previous ATH of $16.whatever, HUT was roughly 70% over extended from these core moving averages.
Clearly, HUT8 was due for a substantial pull-back, and current BTC FUD / Production FUD brewed up a good storm to knock it down.
Buy the dip! I like BTC, but I like HUT more! Current position:
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2021.12.02 16:31 MagicalMoe Star shower earrings 💫✨

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2021.12.02 16:31 Dzejpee už nám bude začínať nová chapter ale môže mi prosím niekto povedať čo je s capitanom?! Prišiel ako prvý na ostrov a... nič, na live evente nebol tak asi je stále zaseknutý na ostrove chudák.

už nám bude začínať nová chapter ale môže mi prosím niekto povedať čo je s capitanom?! Prišiel ako prvý na ostrov a... nič, na live evente nebol tak asi je stále zaseknutý na ostrove chudák. submitted by Dzejpee to Kerddit [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 16:31 Ambitious_Unit_9476 Words to live by!

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2021.12.02 16:31 dickspoonman He knew the attack name even though Ohma didn’t say it. How much Niko style is he actually familiar with?

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2021.12.02 16:31 wri_teens I love Newsletters and articles but they get all too overwhelming

I’d like to make it incredibly easy for anyone to catch up with newsletters & articles from their favourite creators or brands. I personally spend a lot of time digging through my ever increasing mailbox for some of the content I subscribed to.
My solution would be - a minimalist mobile interface to read bite-sized content from your favorite content-creators(writers). - Sign up to receive a newsletter or article with a username as opposed to your email address. - In app settings would allow you to control when you want to get notified about new or old materials from your faves. - Creators can publish bite-sized content to subscribers via the platform without cluttering their emails
If you find this interesting or just have thoughts on this. Do share them or upvote this and I'll reach out to you 🙏
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2021.12.02 16:31 Johoplayer My advice for dealing with toxicity.

So as a killer player, you must be prepared to "lose", or at least not win a lot of your games, some are very close, sometimes you get absolutely cumstered and dumpstered. Now, many of these (cue circus music) SuRIvoR MAinS will go out of their way to astronomical lenghts to make sure that YOU KNOW that THEY KNOW that YOU KNOW you lost.
By Tbagging, clicking, emoting and spinning around, or my personal favorite, waiting right at the exit line but not leaving until you walk up to them and attempt to swing (everybody knows it doesn't count as an escape if the killer doesn't see you escape), they will try to make you very mad. Add on top of that a toxic endgame chat and many killer players just don't feel like they're having any fun in this game anymore.
Even if you win a game they will often make sure to call you names and judge your playstyle to
Well, let me try to give you some tips of what I do to avoid getting stressed at least too much:

  1. Try to tell someone else (ideally someone who doesn't play videogames) about your struggles. Imagine yourself going to Work/School/University the next day and telling the person next to you: "Hey, yesterday I played a round of DbD and there were these guys who were repeatedly pressing the crouch button and right click very quickly with their flashlight and this made me so mad i was angry the rest of the day!" - Sounds stupid, right? Would you take this person serious if they told you that? No, and this way you should realize how fucking little of a problem this toxicity is in the larger scale of your life. While playing, you get really immersed but you need to try and abstract yourself off of it and put it back into it's minor role in your life.
  2. Do not argue with people in chat! I know this will be very hard for all you Reddit Debatelords out here but bare with me! People who are bad sports in a videogame usually aren't very smart to begin with. If you start arguing with an idiot, they will just try to bring you down to your level. Your argument will not change anyones mind and convince anyone to do any better so just leave it. If anything at all, just repeatedly type the same word / sentence in chat to deflect them, make them get angry by themselves.
  3. For example, if I win as killer and the survivors accuse me of camping/tunneling, i just retort with: "what is camp?", "what is tunnel?" , then with "why is tunnel bad?" and just go on with "why?", "why?", etc. Some other idea would be to just repeat "ok" or "i won though" ad infinitum. without variation.
  4. Go outside, go walk your dog, go to the gym. Stress and Anger are shown to have negative impact on your health, so why not deal with 2 problems at once and do some excercise to get rid of stress and get your dopamine levels back up in one go?
I hope this was helpful to you guys and if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to comment them below!
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2021.12.02 16:31 Brutal_Rain Liberty University professor charged in alleged abduction, sexual battery of student

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2021.12.02 16:31 ResearchHealth Hevijak in Seahorses Caught and 501: Inquiry [6 images]

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2021.12.02 16:31 jono5935 Add me i need xp. And I will send gifts back

8093 0599 4053
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2021.12.02 16:31 fireside_blather Do trinket buffs stack?

Just started playing a week ago and am fully engrossed. Now I'm starting to get into the minutae.
Trinkets that offer bonus to bleeding, blight, etc, do their properties stack? So if you get +15% bleeding and -1 spd if you equip two does that mean +30% / -2?
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2021.12.02 16:31 avestuk Day 2 - Puzzle 2

I'm getting completely confused by the third instruction.

forward 5 adds 5 to your horizontal position, a total of 5. Because your aim is 0, your depth does not change. 
So horizontal: 5, depth: 0, aim: 0
down 5 adds 5 to your aim, resulting in a value of 5. 
So horizontal 5, depth 5, aim: 5
forward 8 adds 8 to your horizontal position, a total of 13. Because your aim is 5, your depth increases by 8*5=40. 
So horitzontal 13, depth: 45 5 + (aim/5 * 8), aim: 5
How do the instructions list the depth as 40 now?
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2021.12.02 16:31 MW_Harry Pre-built pc help

I have been looking to get a pre-built for a while and have found a few but wasn’t too sure about them, can anyone give me some pre-built pc recommendations from $1200-$1600 USD although the website in which is bought will need to be able too ship too UK and pay in pounds. Thank you
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2021.12.02 16:31 Basic-Comment-2238 Omnicron prime

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2021.12.02 16:31 Bytesof64 PC powers on but does not boot

This is a bit of a follow-up from my last post.
It has been working very very inconsistently and currently will not boot. The fans spin up, the RAM lights light up and light up to the corresponding slot, and the HDD light will briefly turn on but then turns off even if there is a hard drive plugged in.
I have tried replacing the CMOS battery to no success. Leaving it out to try and get the CMOS to reset does not work. Does not boot from disc even if the CD drive is the only thing plugged in.
Known problem(s): The HDMI output is completely jank
Any pointers on what I could do would be massively appreciated, thanks.
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2021.12.02 16:31 asriel_dremmur54321 look at this cute plush of me!! i cant believe the humans made this!!

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2021.12.02 16:31 NewsElfForEnterprise Subaru Headed for First Back-to-Back Sales Plunge Since the ’90s This Year

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2021.12.02 16:31 timetravellingbadass Epic games dead by deadlight?

Is dead by daylight on epic games coming to geforce? I see the steam version but no option for epic.
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2021.12.02 16:31 frothybrothboy Private sellers/trading forums

Does anyone know of any forums outside of Reddit that deal exclusively or partly in dealing and trading Toyota vehicles? Specifically the 4Runner and Tacoma. I used to frequent IH8Mud when I owned an LC, but was curious to know if there are equivalent sites in a similar fashion.
I’m in New England, and it’s hard to find older Taco’s and 3rd Gen 4Runners with minimal rust/rot issues. Ideally I’d like to get a southern truck in the future.
Thanks in advance!
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