r2z92 bi2yd th5y6 7b488 378yf yndzi 7a9sa ztihb n5kfk fbn8a kz7hf d6zhr 8dr7y std55 ffytn 73si2 szin7 ts3d4 eb6z9 rbsy6 i4a6i NTF auction - starting bid 5A |

NTF auction - starting bid 5A

2021.10.26 08:56 alicekuersch NTF auction - starting bid 5A


Just the one like this. Get it if you like?
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2021.10.26 08:56 maybe-someday- What are Harry’s and Louis’ current situations with their labels?

I’ve always been a bit out of the loop when it comes to their contracts and labels and whatnot. So basically I’m asking what contracts they have right now / what label they are signed to? And most importantly do they still have ties to simon/syco/sony? And if they do, what?
This thought was prompted byt this post. I’ve been thinking a lot about what the actual reason is why they haven’t come out yet. I do understand that they might not want to do it yet because of the public mess it would make and I 100% understand that. But we can clearly see that there’s still contracts and legal stuff keeping them from being together (even as friends) in public. Why would they continue to work with people who want to closet them or sign contracts with those people? Even after the mess that it got them in during 1d years. Their relationship really suffered from the closeting so why would they consciously continue working in that environment. Did they even have a choice? I’m really confused about all this music industry stuff so if someone could break it down to me like I’m 3 years old that would be great. Also want to hear more thoughts and opinions on this!
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2021.10.26 08:56 JimW93 Interesting challenge: Has anyone ever done a "Mali Nostrum"?

Given the new mission tree the origins DLC brings, I thought it might be fun to do a Mali Nostrum. Any thoughts on this?
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2021.10.26 08:56 AlvarGuy To me, the minor sixth sounds dissonant, not consonant.

I know the minor sixth is the most dissonant out of all the consonant intervals, but to me it doesn't sound consonant at all, I think it sounds more dissonant than the minor seventh and the major second.
I do think it sounds consonant when it's implied to be an inverted major third, but on its own I think it has tension and wants to be resolved (specifically to a perfect fifth).
What do you think?
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2021.10.26 08:56 Pixiee_1910 Hang in there 💗

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2021.10.26 08:56 TheLoneGal Hate seeing certain posts on my uni's subreddit

Many times, I've seen posts where the person is complaining about group members not knowing how to communicate or are socially inept and stupid.. Especially targeting computer science students, and I am one.. jeez sorry that some people have social anxiety, extrovert.. It just seems senseless like they don't even think about it. What's even worse is the amount of upvotes those posts get. It makes me deadly afraid for classes I have to take that have group projects..
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2021.10.26 08:56 _katieanne95_ Piercings at work?

Hi everyone! I currently have 3 lobe piercings in each ear and a rook. I am a college student in business school and I was wondering if anyone out there has a job like the ones I am pursuing that are somewhat conservative or require a certain level of “professionalism” and had any tips on how they styled their earrings for work? I don’t think that piercings are inherently unprofessional, but I’d rather play it safe until I secure a job.😂 I also can’t wear any of them except my first lobe without an earring since they’re all somewhat new - the rook is brand new, but i’ll be able to change it by the end of the school year if anyone has ideas there. For interviews so far I’ve been wearing a large-ish (like 6-8 mm prob) pearl or white sapphire stud in the first and tiny balls or studs in the second and third, but I feel like I could be a little more fashionable here yknow?? Thank you so much :)
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2021.10.26 08:56 PenaltyAmazing4642 Risperidona 2mg 60 comprimidos Deller 50mg 60 comprimidos zolpidem 5mg 26 comprimidos clonazepam 0,5mg 5 comprimidos. (São prescritos pra mim)

Risperidona 2mg 60 comprimidos Deller 50mg 60 comprimidos zolpidem 5mg 26 comprimidos clonazepam 0,5mg 5 comprimidos. (São prescritos pra mim) submitted by PenaltyAmazing4642 to DrogasBrazil [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 08:56 caponmyhead Volvo Plastic "arm" on Windshield

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2021.10.26 08:56 ReadyKilowatt Fall wallpapers.

Skydio 2. Shot using controller in manual mode. The Skydio lens is set up like a GoPro, extreme wide angles, so image doesn't really convey how close to the trees I was.
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2021.10.26 08:56 Tp616 Corner

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2021.10.26 08:56 SilianGrailOSRS War



The air they breathe as toxic as the walls that stare at them, the two adventurers find themselves in a winding of tunnels, with no means to an end.
Each door unlocks a new wave of knowledge, they've never felt so strong - so secure... Yet so vulnerable.

Ruthless goblins grit their teeth, scowling from the shadows as they pass. Snarling at Mikey as he trails his brother through the darkness.
They gravitate closer to each other, for to find themselves split in the black would yield inevitable demise.

Door after door, they venture through cave after cave.
Each they encounter reveals a further truth about the destructive realities of war. Injured and battered minotaurs and wolves roam the barren caverns in search of their next victim.
AJ and Mikey stay magnetised to the crumbled ruins that remain post-battle. Only barely out of sight...

One final door and they find themselves in a room far different to the others.
No monsters, no desolate tunnels, no crumbled castle walls.
Nothing but a single golden chest that lay atop a mound of glowing, green grass, lush with colourful flowers.
"What is this delusion?"
AJ discreetly steps towards the seemingly harmless prize.
"Is this it? Is this the glory that awaits us? ...Brother?" Mikey has untethered himself from his brother's shadow, fixating his gaze on a ladder that leads into a darkness even further into the earth. The relentless tremble in his right hand ensuing.
Without voicing a word, AJ joins his side.
He reaches over and grabs Mikey's hand,

"Whatever toil await us... we've got each other's back. Do you promise?"
"W-what?" Mikey shakes his head.
"Remember that what makes us strong is not our individual talents, but our kinship." AJ reassures his brother.

They take pose to the golden treasure that awaits them atop the mound.
As their stake their claim to the gold, a compassionate feeling of Peace rushes over them.
The brothers feel a little more at ease and venture further into the boar, deeper to find the Famine that hungers for them... Waiting...

PART 4: Coming soon...
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2021.10.26 08:56 secondaccountofyaboy is there any place where i can legally view the animated car scene from TFD?

i watched it on sunday and its been the first thing to make me truly laugh since my breakup. thanks and apologies if this post doesnt fit this sub in advance.
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2021.10.26 08:56 Pikaverse69 What If the neighborhood was a fantasy neighborhood

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2021.10.26 08:56 EnthusiasticallyDrab In car adjustments request for c8 gte, Porsche 992, F3, and p217

Hello all,
I am working on making some buttons for my wheel and an external button box. I am going to 3d print the structures and wire them to an Arduino.
As of now, the only car I've bought is the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo, and I just want to make sure that the cars I am looking at won't have controls that I don't have a place to map.
Can someone who has the following cars to simply tell me what is in the black box for in car adjustments.
Chevrolet Corvette c8.r gte Porsche cup 992 Dallara F3 Dallara p217
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2021.10.26 08:56 Dabyrd15 PROG if HF cover it will happen during trading hours.

Don’t panic sell this is retail fomo from hype this week. The true squeeze will happen during trading hours.
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2021.10.26 08:56 shanabailey ANYCUBIC Photon ZERO 3D Printer [EU] for 99.90 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $139.99) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): ANYCUBIC Photon ZERO 3D Printer [EU]
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BG0deeec
Current price is $99.90. The lowest price in my database is $139.99 on 21.12.2020.There're already 7 records in DB. Price monitoring since 6.8.2020!
Of course if you want current coupons and e-mail PRICE ALERTS for ANYCUBIC Photon ZERO 3D Printer then you can just go to the CouponsFromChina product page. It's right there: https://couponsfromchina.com/anycubic-photon-3d-printer-eu-coupon-price/
That is a deal! That is a discount!
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
  2. Telegram
  3. Twitter
Image: https://i.imgur.com/1lpAp6W.jpg
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2021.10.26 08:56 CitizenPremier As mentioned before, this is my game where all the art was made in inkscape

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2021.10.26 08:56 No-Seaworthiness3724 Deepika Padukone

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2021.10.26 08:56 BiohazardousFallout [IIL] The first 36 seconds of Rolo Tomassi's song "Opalescent", WEWIL?

Youtube link here → Link
Basically, I'm normally into more orchestral metal stuff but the intro to this song really caught me off guard in a good way -- I'm interested in delving into the dark jazz scene starting with stuff similar to that piano + drum fill at the start of this song. Any suggestions would be super appreciated, I've barely touched the genre~
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2021.10.26 08:56 designer_by_day Starting a new job and feeling like you’re completely under qualified

Started a new job today in the same industry, just at a workplace that does the job a lot better than my last place. Unfortunately, I’ve only been trained as well as my last workplace and so I’ve come here and it’s largely alien to me. It feels like I’m never going to get to grips with everything!
It’s gonna be a late night tonight trying to learn how to do my job the proper way, not the way I’ve been taught the last 12 months…
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2021.10.26 08:56 ForeverImpossible730 21-gun salute for this noble hero’s selfless sacrifice

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2021.10.26 08:56 tj_ill Cargo, by me

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2021.10.26 08:56 1badname My newest gun!

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2021.10.26 08:56 KCTurkeyTL $ZKT ticareti şu anda #KuCoin'de yayında!

$ZKT ticareti şu anda #KuCoin'de yayında!

🚀ZKT/USDT: trade.kucoin.com/ZKT-USDT

#KuCoinCryptoGem kartında zkTube (https://t.me/zkTubeProtocol) hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinin.
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