Shaolin vs Wutang | Jackie Chan Playthrough

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2021.10.26 09:33 joecobragaming Shaolin vs Wutang | Jackie Chan Playthrough

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2021.10.26 09:33 Neat_Description_478 I hated you 6 months back now I don't you're still the best I ever had . M

I hated you 6 months back now I don't . I'm just happy that you're happy with or without me and I'm kinda proud of you, you did what you had to for yourself , I'm sorry for acting all crazy when we broke up ,it was very blindsiding and cruel in a way but what's done is done . My life pretty much crashed after the BU and I was lost , now I'm finally picking my self up , feels like I'm resurrecting from the dead. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you but life must go on rite ? You'll live in me . I just Wish you well .
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2021.10.26 09:33 wackoluddi Quick question on better 4pc Emblem stats on C0, R1 EL

Thank you :D
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2021.10.26 09:33 DEL994 What effect SEW powers should have on the pools of darkness ?

What effects do you think that Siver Eyes powers, which petrify or desintegrate creatures of Grimm, should have on the dark pools and the dark liquid from which Grimm come from and that turned Salem into the half Grimm hybrid she is today ?
Would they be froze or petrified like the monsters they create or would they be unnafected ? Could SEW actually destroy them or not ?
Could we see a scene with Ruby doing it in the future ?
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2021.10.26 09:33 gabbers-b Selling a GA pit ticket to Columbus night one (Wednesday Oct 27) face value

My friend cancelled on me and I just can't find anyone else to go with so I'm going alone. Selling for $120, which is what I bought it for (face value + Ticketmaster fees). Ticketmaster transfer + payment by Paypal, PM me if interested!
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2021.10.26 09:33 mexss1 Next step after Genki 1/2

Where should I continue. I think i need a solid textbook with grammar explanations. I searched a lot and found that Tobira or An integrated approach.. are good choices but what textbook you guys will recommend me that have good explanation and good practice exercises. Of course other than the textbook i try to listen and read and soon i think i will take some classes in italki(speaking practise)because im lacking a lot in that department but i think i really need a good textbook to hold my hand for just a little bit more time.
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2021.10.26 09:33 BestSongsNFT Camouflage - The Great Commandment - Best Songs NFT Alpha - High Res Link in the Comments. 1000 different songs. Priced to invest. Countless hours of machine learning.

Camouflage - The Great Commandment - Best Songs NFT Alpha - High Res Link in the Comments. 1000 different songs. Priced to invest. Countless hours of machine learning.
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2021.10.26 09:33 bambina133 How long does direct deposit take to set up?

I gave my job the wrong bank information and just fixed it yesterday & got my direct deposit submitted i am supposed to get paid every friday and i sumbit my hours on sunday will i get paid this friday? all of my money i didn’t receive has been sent back to the payroll people will i receive that aswell?
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2021.10.26 09:33 sossyhossy What is your penile transformation sequence order from hard flaccid to erection?

For example when I have erection, I go from hf to long flaccid to erect. Does anyone go hf straight to erect without the long flaccid part? Long flaccid is not the same thing as a semi or semi chub btw
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2021.10.26 09:33 criteriaz Here’s some screenshots I’ve taken while playing as my favourite role in this game.

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2021.10.26 09:33 sereeniitty ChapinKnight Review

I placed my order not for inability to write my own, but I have a full and part time job and finding time to do these lengthy time consuming assays can be tricky and difficult. Anyway, when Placing an order, the company offers its services by the page, I have chosen and clicked on the number of pages requested per assay instructions.
First written that was assigned, came back with a papers that was: 1-from another book other that the one assigned (putting quote and author of another book) 1- papers was ridiculously full of run-ons, long ass sentences, repetitive words, and poor choice of vocabulary. Used many such as GOT or awesome. Who talks like that? Only street conversations include those terms not professional writers.
I requested revision, the same writer came back with a fix, and guess what? He or she only removed the authors name and replaced with the one i asked for. Left all of the crappy mistakes ad poor vocabulary.
Requested another writer to finish my paper. Second writer did little better, but it seems that none of them proofread their own work, how can you write something without going back and fixing your own blemishes!
After tweaking the paper on my own, I NOTICED THAT THE WRITER ONLY SENT ME 3 PAGES AND 3 LINES WHILE I PAID FOR 4 FULL PAGES. I contacted them again explaining the situation, their answer was, the writer did complete his assignment and wrote 1100 words. BUT I paid for pages not words.
I asked them to go ahead and make those 1100 words into 4 pages, or ask the writer to add to it and make it 4 pages instead... they Flat out refused, or as they put it... " we have to decline"
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2021.10.26 09:33 Freshfrom_my_Garden How to keep Coleus bushy and beautiful

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2021.10.26 09:33 Hollywood7 [Thank You] !!

Thank you all so much!!!
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2021.10.26 09:33 markuserik I got akimbo thumper

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2021.10.26 09:33 pissoffboomer To all the ill motivated CS students/Coders out there !

Let's just start learning some challenging stuff together and motivate each other!
We'll monitor our progress and compete with each other like making some small games from scratch, learning new tech/frameworks, you name it !
We ended up creating a discord group for all us and we're just getting started on things.
Invite link:
Can't join? You can still up vote or comment here to let more people know about the existence of this server!
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2021.10.26 09:33 j96allen FT: shiny Zamazenta with dauntless shield from GAME distribution UK LF: Shiny Zacian with rusted sword from distribution

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2021.10.26 09:33 FKSSR Vita Digital (Holiday) Sales

Sony doesn't do holiday sales on their Vita Digital store anymore, right?
I assume they don't, but I haven't been paying attention for the last year or so.
I have a few games I want to purchase digitally.
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2021.10.26 09:33 LowerWolverine5851 RDBX

Any thoughts on RDBX? Thing went from about $12 yesterday to over $23 premarket. The warrants still look cheap.
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2021.10.26 09:33 ItsHobag Towelie Funko Back On Amazon

I just went to Amazon and they're taking pre-orders for Towelie again with a January 22 release date. I'm not holding my breath, but just so y'all know...
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2021.10.26 09:33 pathos_prarie (29) morning y’all 😊

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2021.10.26 09:33 IfXD I guess only PS players will get the joke.Stupid part is,you're forced to play another game while waiting for the update to copy.

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2021.10.26 09:33 mineabird what's the best insomnia medicine?

title says it all. I'm thinking about asking my doctor for something to help me sleep that isn't melatonin supplements, im just unsure of what to ask for. for context sake, I'm a 20 year old female whose insomnia is caused by my Adderall. TIA
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2021.10.26 09:33 Playful-Grade-4957 FE other disciplines or Civil?

I’ve graduated about 20 years ago. I already took this exam twice and I failed. First time FE environmental and I found it really hard. Second Other Disciplines and I failed too. I’m desperate, I really need it and I want to pass it so I can take my PE. Which one would be a better option. I added Civil because we deal with Civil stuff in the company but I’m not sure if moments are easy. My undergrad is in Environmental Eng and Master is in Civil Eng but this was long time ago. Thanks!
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2021.10.26 09:33 Ragnellrok Interesting thing I found when looking at all Confidants first available day.

Tl;dr 4/12-4/18 can have 5 total confidants, 6/25 sees both Makoto and Hifumi first become available and makes them the non-conflicting and the only confidants you can unlock one after the other on the same day, meanwhile 5/6 sees 3 unlocks, but all on the same time.(I believe, may add edit about it if Mishima unlocks Afternoon and then is available at night, but Mr. Sun unlocks and should be priority due to his lack of availability.
So, I was looking at these because I've gotten the "worst" ending in P5 and now P5R so I can enjoy the social aspect of the game without artificial gating (like Guts 4 for starters, or Charm 3 as another example), I call it artificial because of how it locks you out of certain confidants that are otherwise available sooner or kinda forces you to choose work over mementos grinding/friendships/S.O.(s) soooo.... with that said 4/15-4/18 is the most confidants you can acquire in a single "day cycle" now, why do I put the 4/15-4/18 as a singular day?
It's very simple, the game is so linear between 4/15 After School and 4/17 After School that you literally can't do anything other than check the Doc and Airsoft shops (no bond, just the shops being open), an 4/18 After School is the earliest you can do anything of your own choice. Sooooo.... if you choose to go to Doc a second time on 4/18 instead of the Palace, you get:
Ann and Morgana on 4/15
Doc 4/18
And technically Ryuji before 4/15 as well as Igor.
This means depending on if you count Fool and Chariot in the list, as there is a semblance of non-linear gameplay between them and 4/15.... well, basically, you end up with 4/18 (true Mission Start), having the most with anywhere from 3-5 started confidants.
The second most are single "double day" meaning Afternoon time and Evening Confidants, Makoto and Hifumi. Yep. Party member and the Shogi player are available at non-conflicting times on the same day, so if you qualify for both, you get to get Shogi strats and Makoto the basics of being Makoto. (6/25)
Additionally there is 1 day where you have the most that become available, but are in conflict with one another:
Sun/Moon/Hanged Man (NG+ only or heavily dedicated to Guts training) all 3 become available in the evening, but you basically need to pick Yoshida as picking either of the other 2, well, makes Sun unavailable for a whole flipping week. So Mishima and Iwai are best put off until their next available date. But this is the absolute most cards that become available at the same exact time.
Just some interesting trivia as 4/12-4/18 is almost a corridor of just doing new things (ie, guns/ammo 3rd and 4th members/doc shop/gun shop) and 4/18 is a choice, and allows you to get a grand total of 5 confidants over the course of what equates to a giant day.
3 unlocks at the same time (5/6) though one is heavily gated (Iwai), so will likely not be available until closer to autumn, and lastly Makoto and Hifumi on the same day if you have the stats needed to pick up their confidants as well.
Truly freaking insane when just looking at it from a zoomed out perspective. Oh and due to Sun's availability window, definitely should be rushed harder than a bull going into a China shop after a Matador tricked him into crashing in there as both Iwai and Mishima are available more often.
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2021.10.26 09:33 PokeFanGen5 Can I play gameboy and Gameboy color games on a DSi

I got myself twiglight++ menu and all that stuff, and it’s working wonders. I would like to know if I can play GBA games on the go.
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